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Internationaal Nieuws

De Beweging
Verenigingsbeweging Internationaal - Nieuws

Julia H. Moon Honored for Developing Ballet in Korea

Kingdom Building Conference Provides Spiritual Renewal at Atlantic City

Christian Clergy Testify to Rev. Moon and Speak in Korean Cities

Unificationists Call for National Effort to Combat Human Trafficking

Unification Theological Seminary Brings School to Students in Chennai, India

Unificationist Leaders in Bangkok Exonerated by Thailand’s Highest Court

Cult vs. Religion: What's the Difference?

Rev. In Jin Moon Urges Women to Become Agents of Change at Women’s Assembly

Dr. Kook Jin Moon Speaks to Malaysian Parliamentarians

President Obama’s Aunt Graduates from Unification Theological Seminary

Rev. Sun Myung Moon Predicts Planetary Awakening in 2013

True Parents’ World Tour 2011 - Geneva, Switzerland, May 12-13

Launch of Small-Group Ministry Energizes Congregations across America

Students Welcome Unificationist Speaker at Kansas State University

A Young Unificationist’s Response to Racism Aired on Primetime TV

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon Leads Experiential Worship in Las Vegas

Unificationists Among the Missing after Quake in Japan

Arranged Marriages of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon Featured on Iowa TV

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Can Raise a Generation of Peace

Clergy and Rights Activists Hold Press Briefing at Japanese Consulate

Thousands Dedicate Their Marriages to God’s Will at Festival in Korea

Korean TV Documents the reality of Japan’s Forced-Conversion Scandal

UTS Seminarians Walk for Peace at Ground Zero on Sept. 12, 2010

Unificationists and Muslims Call on Baptist Pastor in Dallas

Clergy and Unificationists Protest Planned Qur’an-burning in Florida

Unificationist Sports Tournament Aims to Rival the Olympic Games

Human Rights Expert Says Japan in 'Collusion' With Criminals

Is the Reunification of North and South Korea on the Horizon?

Religion Scholar Takes the Measure of the Unification Church

World Assembly Proclamation Celebrates Dawn of New Era

Unificationist Speaks at Falun Gong Rally at U.S. Capitol

After Sixty Years, Time to Remember that “Freedom is Not Free”

Unification Theological Seminary Gains New Standing Among Schools of Theology

University of Oregon Website Lets Unificationists Tell Their Story of Love and Marriage

Confronting Unification Church Critics at the ICSA Conference

13th Annual March Against Drugs and Violence

Pastor has to be ‘Deranged’ to Denigrate Moon

Million Acts of Service and Kindness

The First Basic Premise of Positive Psychology: ‘Practical Idealism’

Japanese Buddhist Priest Calls for Prosecution of Forced-Conversion Professionals

Korea and the Little Angels Gratefully Honor Veterans

New Book Challenges Doctrine of the Virgin Birth

Three Unificationists Believed to Be Holding Out in Confinement

Kidnapping of Unificationists Under Review at UN Human Rights Conference

Unification Church Gains New Legal Status in Portugal

Holy Wedding Ceremony for 43,000 Couples Around the World


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